Indonesian Production

Indonesian Production


At SHIBUI, we believe that we have a responsibility to contribute towards the formation of a resilient society, which fosters prosperity and long term durability. We place particular emphasis on developing the community within regions in which we have a manufacturing presence. 


    We have been working with our devoted community of craftsmen since our conception to consistently enhance our product quality, decrease our environmental effect, and assure fair living pay for everyone involved. Made lovingly in Bandung, Indonesia, 150 km south of Jakarta. 

  • Environmental pledge

    Our garments will always be produced using materials that are kind on both you and the environment. The dedication that we have on always using durable fabrics enables us to lessen our carbon footprint and rescue our environment from additional strain.


In several villages outside Bandung, Indonesia, we partake in initiatives to cooperate with local ‘home industries’ to produce many of our garments. These are home-based businesses that provide our artisans with flexibility to work from home, whilst still being part of a close-knit community where they can share their expertise with peers. 

By helping to provide equal employment opportunities and strong wages for both men and women, we are able to facilitate financial resilience in traditionally unstable communities. demonstrating to craftsmen the financial advantages of producing eco-friendly goods. 

We strongly believe in business as an instrument for societal, sustainable, development. 


In 2021, our Indonesian production team offset 37x the amount of carbon than they omitted. 

Through our manufacturing unit, we support several initiatives that enable us to create a more sustainable Indonesia. Some highlights achieved through these initiatives include the following: 

Creation of ecosystems that help Indonesian women and youth create local sustainable development solutions.

Development of a sustainable entrepreneurial incubator that helps young leaders responsibly develop their local economies.

Creation of a scalable, sorting and upcycling system to stop plastic from going into the ocean through the design of simple trash barriers.